How to play the T-62A, Ob. 430, Ob. 140 [World of Tanks]

Which tank is best? The T-62A, the Object 140, or perhaps the Object 430? Let’s find out how these three popular Tier X Soviet medium tanks differ from one another. You’ll learn what equipment to mount on these three tanks, how to scout and not receive damage in return, and how to shoot accurately on the move. Do you want to know which of them is best armored and how to maximize each tank’s firepower? Then watch this guide on the strengths and weaknesses of these three tanks…and let’s battle!


  1. WAZA-21

    what is the best ?

  2. Jiang Jack

    WoT looks so fun but so hard to master

  3. Kazuki Kazami

    They are going to buff 140, noice!

  4. * STRIKER *


  5. Those were The only ones

    I've just got the is7 and I'm learning it. I think my next tank will be the obj140

  6. 胡卓軒

    Sure they good too but obj 140 is the best LOL

  7. IS-2

    T-22 Medium comes in
    these other ones:*player disconected*

  8. staz blood lad

    very useful video

  9. Just Gwen

    Object 430 is the best by brawling with better armor and turret armor 248 t62a 240.

  10. Xhavier11

    so, i apparently need an obj 140

  11. Newcastle 87

    To put it straight…..
    T-62A is a defensive tank (Armour & Less Speed)
    The Object 140 is an offensive tank ( Fastest and ability to bounce shells the best from the hull)
    The 430 is a big fat waste of time (kinda an offense tank though)

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