1. Sound And Vision

    Are the tracks the exact same as on the M50 Ontos?

  2. alflurin

    I care about how many quarts of oil it takes… and I love the details involved in maintaining and using a tank. Keep on the details! 🙂

  3. Ste Cork

    One thing he didn't comment on and I'm curious about, is when you look at the track at 2:46 then unlike most normal tracks it's not smooth inside. It's really bumpy with all those bars. I know the vehicle has pneumatic tyres instead of steel wheels, but even so surely this would make for a hell of a bumpy ride? Like driving a normal car over a cattle-grid, except worse, and ALL THE TIME ?

  4. Vic does gaming

    if i was ever to buy a t34 or m4 sherman would be useful information

  5. Michael Brinkhues

    Can you do one on the Jagdpanzer, Kanone, 90mm aka KaJaPa of the West German Bundeswehr as well?

  6. Shady

    Who says 83 months? You're really going to make me do math lol

  7. Komrade Ivan

    No reason to go inside when you have an open turret tank

  8. john harker

    Say what you want, but these would have been nice to have with task force smith…

  9. D Cummings

    There are two of these at FtDrumm ready to be range targets. What a waste

  10. Low Calibre Mine

    9:03 Gee maybe you should dust off the cobwebs…

  11. tsunsu

    I do enjoy lerning about al these tank reviews

  12. Kgw100

    ive been 'in' one of these. pretty cool vehicle, but the seating sucks

  13. Don Neale

    And conviently….with this vehicle on your side, you condense your soldiers into more easily killable possitions….then as an added bonus, they have no more protection than whatever in in the glove box