Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: T-34-85, Episode 1

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: T-34-85, Episode 1

Nicholas Moran continues his tour of the most interesting tanks. This time, he came to…Russia! Why? To finally tell us about a Soviet medium tank, the T-34-85!. How are its tracks designed? Why did the T-34 turn into the T-34-85? And how can you know that the tank was produced in Nizhny Tagil? You will find answers to these and more questions in the new episode of the „Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch“. Let’s watch!

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  1. HiatusMobs

    Sexiest tank

  2. Zebra Dun

    Just wondering what if YouTube demonitizes world of tanks?

  3. Terry Aurand

    Those aren't external fuel tanks, they are for Vodka.

  4. Emiya Kiritsugu

    This tank might not the best,but it contribute the most in defeating German forces during WW2

  5. NedYarbNexus

    just proves that this death trap is not easy to repair.

    -you need tools to access very part of the tank
    -you need to pull out bits of armor to do minor repairs on the air filters and the clutch plate
    -you need to also disassemble the suspension to do major repairs to the air filters
    -you need to take the turret off the get to the suspension.
    -hard to climb on
    -fairly small access ports

    conclusion, not designed to be repaired, designed to be replaced. A pathetic hunk of steel that was ment to be thrown away!, The real sad thing is though alot of the time the poor bastards inside were thrown away with it.

  6. Expat back

    I enjoyed the provided info. I recommend an absence of music. I want to hear the lecture, not the music. Why create something with which your expert must compete?

  7. Snipinghe

    That seems every t34-85 in world of tank are a copy of Nijni taguil because of the Strang thing on the tourelle

  8. Ivan Krylov

    A few inconsistencies:
    The welding technology was given to the Russians by the Americans after they tested it at Aberdeen in 41/42, and found the welds to be completely unsatisfactory. The enlarged turret was taken from the T-43 tank which was all-round a much better machine, but would have required extensive retooling of the factories, which meant that production would slow. And the -85 dispensed with the Chistie suspension since it was too complex and used torsion bars

  9. ZerokillerOppel1

    Submerged Arc Welding can only be done on large areas like the hull or the turret to name a few.. The rest of the welding (75%) looks like it was welded by the usual one-eyed Alzheimer patient as we are used from Russian tanks of the period.

  10. Cyka Blyat

    TFW you get an "ad in 900 seconds" pop-up"

  11. Fofolák Seman

    Do inside the KV-2 please.

  12. Antonio Gonzalez

    Can you please remove the music we have difficulty to hear what the gentleman says

  13. Aidan Christy

    As a welder myself I believe those welds are inbred.

  14. patagarro91

    no insides? 🙁

  15. Pojun Roman Estanislao

    Just shut up and take my money.

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