Inside The Tanks: The Churchill – World of Tanks

Watch this video in which Richard „The Challenger“ Cutland presents the British tank „The Churchill“.

This video offers a full presentation of the technical specification of „The Churchill“ tank available at the Tank Museum in Bovington, UK.

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  1. masterking Finland

    you guy's make really good games

  2. Primus 01

    You expect me, a 12 year old , to want to learn abo… Oh look someone texted me. What was I talking about?

  3. Christopher Cardona

    21L engine with 350 HP? that doesn't add up that's like 1300 cui

  4. Kısa Cevap Veren Adam

    omg… i used this tank in the Wot…

  5. Edoardo Ferrari

    Actually it was t named after the prime minister…

  6. Chris Gibb

    I'm asking about the Churchill Mk iii and above of course!! – missed out that part

  7. Chris Gibb

    Can anyone out there tell me how the Brits managed to fit a 3 man turret with a 6 pdr (later an M3 75mm on the N75s) on a 54 inch turret ring and how the 3 crew then managed inside? On the Valentine they only managed a 2 man turret with the 6 pdr on a 57.5 inch turret ring, and on the Crusader also a 2 man – 6 pdr turrent on a 55.5 inch ring (assuming my research on turrent ring sizes is right).

  8. Pete Arundel

    "Military Expert" on the back of his hoodie but clearly knows no more than anyone with a basic interest in tanks. Churchill was basically reliable from the MkIII and MkIV versions of mid'42 and the MkVII didn't arrive till '44.
    Anyone who thinks that's a 7.62mm machinegun clearly knows sod all about british tanks of WWII.

  9. Mark Rowland

    The Churchill was not named for the prime minister. The Bessa tank machine gun was not named for Birmingham Small Arms. and amazingly the Brits has enormous reserves of oil.

  10. Howard van

    the IS-2

  11. MrWickiTube


  12. Tim Richardson

    Ugh. 44 Bogeys. Green ones too.

  13. Dublin House

    The BESA machine gun is 7.92 mm in calibre, not 7.62.

  14. Itz_Torben

    What is the name of the musem and the location??

  15. Leizra Gaming

    Where is the museum site?

  16. Joseph HP

    That very Churchill is likely to have been the one that my great grandfather commanded during the second world war. #funfacts

  17. BaNaeNae Twistz

    wow chaps. plenty of room for your teapots, that's good old British engineering! (no compensation for being burnt alive ts and cs apply.)

  18. avrill Fan2231

    I have the Churchill l

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