Inside the Tanks : The M5 Stuart & M24 Chaffee – World of Tanks

We are starting a new batch of the Inside the Tanks series with a very special episode!

We are going to take a slightly different look at not one, but two tanks: the M5 Stuart and the M24 Chaffee. Both of them American and both extensively used by other armies.

Why are we doing these together? Watch this episode and find out!

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  1. michaelgamer60 .DLC.

    Whats the best way to avoid bieng penetrate by german tank!

  2. Jim Adams

    Personally I’ve always been drawn to the M3 tank. I suppose it was because of a comic book I think was named ghost tank, it was looked over bythe ghost of JEB Sturat I think the tank commander was related to him. However, Say what you want but the M24 Chaffee is a beautiful looking tank atleast on the outside. Was it any good, I don’t know but it’s still a winner in the beauty category.

  3. TJ D

    Excellent video as always. But the game itself (World of tanks) is way inferior compare to Warthunder.

  4. SkyHigh Mike

    I've loved the Stuart tank ever sense I first saw it on Brothers in Arms: road to hill 30

  5. Keith Au

    Yes,wonderful.fantastic,fascinating online,real time show to demonstrate what it is look like about the M24 scotting tank and also M5 Stuart,and definitely during that time, a outstanding,excellent and effectively tanks that time,but still impressed when looking back about inner side of its operaton.Once upon a time,a lonely student lived,educated and grow up in a small town close to my dearest moto-town Michigan,used to listen the local radio Fm/Am and also the lcoal TV program or news broadcasting,actually speaking i only listened the whole presentation and still feel excited,Currently busy myself to learn other foreing languages in order to gain wisdom and knowledge.Cheers to all.Cheers theme song.

  6. Oriax77 k1ll3rgames

    AMX ELC bis

  7. Bukaj Alaks


  8. Emergency Exit

    Get ready for a wave of Anti-American salt

  9. Nghĩa Nguyễn Tuấn

    I want the tank viet nam


    And both are still use in manny or same Latin American State today.

  11. Boobs OrGTFO

    The Chaffee really brought out the Philippine Army's fetish for light tanks…

  12. Pegasus XVI

    Ahora que lo pienso…el Chaffee si se parecía bastante a los Panzer

  13. okrajoe

    Hey Honey, I replaced your Stuart with a Chaffee…

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