Inside The Tanks: The Tiger I part I – World of Tanks

Inside The Tanks: The Tiger I part I - World of Tanks

The latest in the series, Richard „The Challenger“ Cutland takes a closer look at the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf.E (SdKfz 181)

This episode offers a short introduction to Tiger 131’s history. Discover this beautiful tank by visiting the Tank Museum in Bovington, UK.

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  1. Poseidon Gaming

    Mine favorite tank

  2. Android 5.0

    Fury is good film 🙂

  3. Thor's Hammer

    I wonder what would happen if we put it's​ fire power against the Abram's armor.

  4. Geralt

    This tank wasn't actually that great. It was overcomplicated and prone to break on a regular basis. And repairing it was very time-consuming. Expensive to build with a high maintenance cost. Basically, Tiger should've come with a huge trunk full of spare parts and an extra crew member – mechanic – on board. That's why russian simplistic T-34 has won the war

  5. Cuts rose scents

    Please use Stonehenge as target practice to show the cannons destructive power.

  6. Angry Rat

    Now the war is between Gaijing and War Gaming XD

  7. Дядя Федя

    I am sure there are few stashed In Russia also

  8. bryan hurd

    Being massively outnumbered in north africa,Hitler never knew he could lose,wasnt Rommels army a holding force?

  9. loganatorgaming

    there's a company in Germany that makes working reproduction tiger tanks

  10. RRBuilder YT

    Hitler found out that his tank got captured.. then he shot himself 🙂

  11. aydın yıldız

    Tiger sevdası Alman tarafına yönlendirdi oyunda ; ama pişman etti beni Alman tankları… Açana kadar tankı baya çile çekicez.

  12. Black chocolate

    Why isn't there a video of the Tiger I shooting a 8.8cm shell from it's main gun?
    Could anyone please help me out on this one.

  13. Elizabeth Gonzales

    I think the tiger 1 should Haven won in fury

  14. Conan Russell

    Nothing beats the look of the Original Tiger. Very menacing!

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