Inside the Tanks: Tiger 131 – VR 360° – Part I – World of Tanks Console

You may remember the „Inside the Tanks“ video series, in which Richard „The Challenger“ Cutland gives you informative overviews of real-life tanks that you may know from the game.
This time, we have visited The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK and prepared something special for you – while lighter than our usual Inside the Tanks episodes, this 360° Virtual Reality video will allow you to jump inside the unique Tiger 131, famous for being the only running Tiger tank in the world, and most recently, for being one of the tank-stars of the critically acclaimed Hollywood blockbuster Fury.

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    PLS GET THE 131 on the PC

  2. Dany Tim

    How was this filmed ? with what hardware ? 😀

  3. Squigglbot

    What did you guys do to that Valentine at the start of the video

  4. Shorjok

    I really don't like 360 videos, they're a pain. When I'm watching a video I want the cameraman to control the camera and show us what we need to see, not for me to have to do it myself

  5. Charles Phx

    Pourriez-vous faire une vidéo sur le Tiger 2

  6. With love from MG42

    Can you show king tiger?

  7. redhawk 109 E

    I love the idea of 360 degrees when we can look around with the equipment you are watching it on

  8. TheBlueNight

    I would love to see some more 360* VR 'inside the tank' videos 🙂

  9. triggered snowflakes

    whoever is working the camera should be fired!!! wtf I can't see anything in the video, it's zoomed in so far the narrator isn't in the view!! I couldn't see the engine when he was talking about it just the wall to the right…

  10. Jul75 _

    i love how he pronounces maybach

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