Inspired by Metal – Sabaton – World of Tanks

Metal gods collide!
Today marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between World of Tanks and the heavy metal band Sabaton. It turns out that not only is Sabaton a big influence for fans of the game, but the band themselves love playing World of Tanks when they have some time between the shows. It just goes to show that this kind of united inspiration brings a massively diverse bunch of people together to share their passion…and blow stuff up.
And you’d better stay tuned for more information, because more surprises are coming. \m/ \m/


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  1. Erlangga Mz

    kalian tahu kan sabaton dari mana

    darii wolrd war tank

  2. Ki 超級奥丁


  3. German GIGA

    Can I .. can I have a Centurion tank?

  4. Laurent Duzant

    Wargaming will must likely make a premium tank for the Sabaton in the game…… so will that be op ?

  5. Richard Langman

    Pathetic … but who cares right?

  6. edgar mendez

    New swedish premium Tanks.

  7. Vanessa Palmer

    Need moar Sabaton + Wargaming!!!

  8. Matthieu Antoine

    I love sabaton

  9. teglade1945

    Please, I can only get so erect

  10. Ben Grogan

    I know this Is WG NA, but I pray for an appearance at Tankfest in the UK

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