Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in North America at a suggested retail price of 9.99.

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  1. Yotsuba

    This thing looks sleek and quite honestly I never use the 3D on my New 3DS XL, but I also almost never play it anymore anyway. Switch all the way from here on out, the 3DS/2DS family just feels too outdated for me to enjoy these days, even if you give them a really nice redesign.

  2. Joker Gaming

    I have 3ds xl getting switch want 2ds xl

  3. Hana rawr

    Looks so sleek

  4. Jesse van Tol

    And I want a smaller non foldable version, but still ''new''

  5. The Bionic Muffin

    If i would've saved my 150 bucks, i would've been able to get that. but instead i had to waste it all on Fidget spinners that only spin for 5 seconds. Darn those School Trends of today….

  6. Daniel Wang

    get a pivotal slim over this shut that if I try to get them to buy a blood game they will not do it

  7. WhiteWolfSims

    I have New Nintendo 3DS xl. 5 montes ago. I buy!!!

  8. Uzamaki Naruto

    Will you be able 2 trade in an old DS for this new one?

  9. Crafted Land

    You guys made him

  10. Crafted Land

    I mean put Kamek in mairo games

  11. Crafted Land

    Now pleas put Jamel in Mairo games

  12. MIGU

    lol Nintendo should just die already

  13. PhoenixHD Gamez

    also who agrees that the top screen looks like a phone idk why it just does

  14. KenshinPlaysGames

    Broke my piggy bank, now $110 to go

  15. PhoenixHD Gamez

    woah Nintendo…slow your roll. Alit of people enjoy the non folding design but I think that it will be more convenient and less expenseve and it has built in Amiibo support so that's good.I think that this will be amazing Nintendo and I will sure be to do an unboxing video on this thing

  16. Álvaro Rodríguez

    The same thing 🙁

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