IS-4 & IS-7 Soviet Heavy Metal! – World of Tanks

Two Soviet tier 10 heavy tanks, the IS-4 and IS-7. Russian monsters from WoT!

IS-7 12 Kill stomp

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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Dan O'Moore

    LOL an Englishman gets a tan LOL

  2. Rob Bleeker

    I do think that each map is pushing advantages for the different types of tanks in the game…. However… I do think that WG need to do something about taking SPG in the MM when there are city maps…… Example: "Himmelsdorf"… No way an arty will be able to support its team on a map like that..

  3. Rob Bleeker

    I too. I bought the IS4 last night…My 1st tier 10 HT…. However, it was not my 1st tier 10, those honours go to the E4.. I have to agree with your preferences, IS7 above the IS4… When you look at the MM, the IS4 is not the one you see often…. This could be a good thing too, when ppl don't see that tank a lot, they may not know where to shoot it

  4. Edvin

    How do you get the enemies to look purple? On the top of the video.

  5. Delimon007

    their refusal to shoot at your LFP is astounding, if they did you would have already died. . .

  6. Emile Verwaaijen

    prok is a fine map as long as there are no arties that shoot everything that dares to spot/get spotted. Makes playing it absolutely horrible.

  7. AndreiNIGHT_FIRE

    The IS-4 is a bit better armored and well shaped at the hull than the IS-7, but the turret's roof is a disadvantage. IS-7 has probably the best turret in the game and the diference betwen the hull armor of the IS-4 and IS-7 is small, the biggest diference is the shape and how you used it. In my opinion, IS-7 is better!

  8. An actual mini-roll

    I think people become more tactical when they die is because they don't have a tank to drive

  9. Grease Monkey

    Which tank … It's easy …. both 🙂 two Awesome tanks 🙂