IS-6 Premium Heavy Tank Guide & Review – World of Tanks

My guide to and review of the IS-6, an excellent tier 8 premium heavy tank from WoT. Includes weakspot guide, armour angling and 2 ace tanker replays.

IS-6 Huge Scores!

IS-3a Review:




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  1. Iver Løkke

    I`ve met tier 10 tanks playing this tank

  2. PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO

    Mate, what is that program you used to visualize the tank and its armor (3 mins into video) ? thx

  3. Bygoreak

    great tutorial

  4. Phil McKrachen

    It is fun to play, I platoon with my buddy in his KV-5 and he hides his R2D2 behind me and we rek face XD…
    Try that one sometime, it really works!

  5. chowhound33ify

    the is6 is junk guys ,everything penetrates and the matchmaking is a joke ,defiantly not worth the money

  6. Angel Soldier

    Very useful!!! I love the IS 6 just that i did not know how to use it properly until now (yes i am a noob)

  7. Mike Mckay

    I get really sick of the "premiums MUST be worse than tech tree tanks" rhetoric so many spew out ad nauseum.

    Being worse than a TT tank or better than a TT tank ARENT the only two options available. They can (as is the case with several) be EXACTLY the same as a TT tank

    After all, if you buy a tank that claims to have 30% bonuses but its nerfed so that you only get 70% of the base XP that the normal fully upraded TT tank would get then youre not getting any bonus at all as the two cancel each other out

    In order to get that 30% bonus it would need to get the same base XP in the same game and with the same player as the TT version. Which isn't going to be the case with worse manoeuvrability, worse penetration or worse armour as you wont live as long or do as much damage

  8. xtoybox

    sweet, just got the tank from the trick or treat event(only one I got), still torn between GLD or Vents.

  9. Crni Gavran

    Could you do a review on superpershing, please?

  10. Claus Bohm

    Very nice games, good player and you have a great attitude!

  11. guessimalivinglegend

    Thank you ! I just got my IS6 and I'm not the most experienced heavy tank player, I'm pretty much TD only,, so I figured I would watch some guides to avoid becoming "that" IS6 driver who is just shitty and ruins the game for people in their normal tanks.

  12. Celequi aka MuffaPuffa

    how is better is-3 or is-6?

  13. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    For a 24 minute guide watch the video above ^
    For a short guide read this: -> "press W and press LMB"

  14. Peizxcv

    I look forward when you encounter a ST-I and Type 4 Heavy.

  15. That Dude

    Hey I want to get a premium tank to train my kv4 crew and to make credits What should I get is2 berlin or is6?

  16. MM6

    How did you get your garage stats to look like that?

  17. Citizen Civic

    Aside from the gun, the Chinese 112 seems to be a better tank in many aspects.

    – Faster reload than 112 {by a little not much but still better)
    – Cupola's are smaller than 112
    – Lower plate of armor in the front is smaller or less exposed than the 112
    – Low profile, not very tall
    – Armor is pretty well angled, but the "shoulders" on the sides are dangerous for angling making them flat
    – Very well angled armor both turret and hull
    – However it's quite slow

    – Slower reload than IS-6 (but share same gun)
    – Cupola's are more pronounced and taller than IS-6 making them weak spots
    – Lower frontal plate is a bigger target than IS-6
    – Frontal armor is a straight amazing 68 degree slanted armor that will bounce everything
    – Front of turret is nearly impossible to pen with amazing low profile slope and angling
    – Much faster than IS-6 and quicker

    The two tanks are counterparts to one another, but honestly its not really what is better, It's the player and what he prefers.

    – A heavy brawler with a quicker firing gun like the IS-6


    – A Heavy-Medium type tank that brawls in close quarters with amazing hull-down slope.

    It's purely on preference, and I personally enjoy the 112.

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