IS-8 review!

Tank viewer:
IS7 side armor:
Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. managarm1349

    3mm , 3cm …
    pfff whats the difference

  2. Ϩıⱡȝŋȶ ÐȝⱥȶH

    IS-3 and IS-7 are the strongest tanks tier to tier in the branch the IS-8/T-10 is the weakest

  3. Ϩıⱡȝŋȶ ÐȝⱥȶH

    Dat is 666 mm thick Kappa

  4. Tom Baldwin

    Honestly experienced nothing but shit playing this "tank". I get penetrated from about every possible angle and I'm fairly certain someone spat on my tank once and successfully penetrated giving me engine failure. I have completely lost all the money I had gained from use of this tank alone. It shouldn't even be tier 9… Just swap it with the IS-3 or something…

  5. Wolfstudio

    Klausos akcentu un domāju, ka izklausās baigi Latvisks 😀 Sen sekoju Tev līdzi, bet tik tagad paskatījos e-pasta adresi – toč Latvietis 🙂 😀 Anyway, uztaisi lūdzu review T-10 ja vari, jo it kā liekas labs, bet nesaprotu līdz galam kā viņu spēlēt – sajūta, ka iet cauri viss kā sviestam… Paldies 🙂

  6. bakedwithrealchez

    this thing fucking blows. is3 I better

  7. Justus Stern

    This "heavy" …"Tank" is, indeed, a crappy piece of SHIT! Only the M3-Lee is worse.

  8. Metz's Mayhem

    My God Vlad is trippin below. Foch "GET IT IN YOUR HEAD" lol.  I think Vlad's commander is dead.

  9. NukeMan1993

    IS8 is most deffinatly an anti medium heavy or an anti tier 8 heavy tank

  10. Peter Varga

    what kind of equipments get on is 8 ?

  11. Zonda Zerda

    once i shot an is 8 on the sides with my jp e100 somehow i hit that spaced armour and my shell bounced i got 299 mm pen while that effective armour of the is 8 from my shot angle (90 degrees) was about 261 mm so how the fuck did i bounce????? stornk russian tonks made of stalinum xD

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