IS-8 TANK – MOON BATTLE – (World Of Tanks April Fools Gameplay)

IS-8 TANK – MOON BATTLE – (World Of Tanks April Fools Gameplay)

World Of Tanks April Fools Info –

Playing with CIRCON! check him out –

Intro Music –

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  1. Jozef Etienne

    That intro is K-931 – Everybody

  2. tankos lecso

    Csak én vettem észre Ph3lan-t?

  3. Lil' Legit

    I wanna buy it , and destroy my friend's house! >:)

  4. Wintery The Random

    T’was a good joke!

  5. ali sweden

    ewww your playing world of tanks

  6. Maurizio Candido

    idioti fottuti

  7. ManiakCZ


  8. Balázs Berkes

    but ph3lan is hungary world of tanks player:)

  9. Gage Saw

    its tank pool.

  10. Aviation Monster



  11. Marvin Chan

    I love it forever!

  12. Zdravotnicky Asistent

    my favorite channle : PhlyDaily favorite game : WordOfTansk

  13. David Cannon


  14. 7thGhost Wotblitz


  15. Master Cobra

    The dum people still try to compare WOT to WT xD potatoes.. WOT is arcade and WT is a simulator! Get it? if not you really need some help..

  16. Emanuel Beltramini
  17. KacperKapi10

    Music intro pls

  18. Rommelson 18

    2:28 crash meme

  19. Thedragonteam

    These fucking goddam WT people keep hating on WOT for no fucking reason

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