Is it worth it? – Excelsior Review

The thirty-fifth video in the „Is it worth it?“ series where I’ll be reviewing all the premium tanks in the game starting at Tier 2.

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  1. TGSGAMER360

    the excelsior is a trash premium the armour sucks on it

  2. Mike S

    I play this tank quite often on xbox one, I do have two marks of excellence, but this tanks gun, shoots rounds errant, I swear the barrel is a banana, so shooting on the move it absolutely terrible, while the Panzer V/IV is a laser weapon, while running full speed at targets at 200 yards, total nonsense in comparison.

  3. Some Guy

    Looks like a stock Cromwell in armor viewer

  4. Hate Me

    How the f*** you have 40k golds?

  5. jens janssens

    I hate the excelsior's turret!

  6. wood1155

    As long as there are no OI exp or OI's then I usually have a good match. "At the mercy of the match maker. " sums it up perfectly

  7. Mike S

    I just pulled a game today in my Excelsior and I had 30 penetrations at close to 2,800 damage, that is the first time in 400 matches to pull that off. I have Churchills, KV-220, no T14's or T1 Heavy as they don't speak to me, but I do see people have good games in those tanks as well. Not a straight KV-1 fan, I prefer my KV-220, but the gun is seriously lacking. I survived a shot in the face in my Excelsior from a SU-100Y, I came away with like 100 HP, but I survived it point blank. IMHO, I like the Excelsior, since it maneuvers quite well and the armor is quite good if you play it correctly.

  8. joecal97

    Load some HE dude, great for wrecking TD's with 0 armour, especially in a pinch

  9. GlitteryColt367

    Every review you too good, and to study the whole postive but I would ask if you could take a little shorter! I think they are a little too long for the players! I'm sorry if I was rude with this review, I did not mean anything by it, it was just my humble opinion and suggestion! Thank you for your hard work for every video!

  10. Ondřej Vejchoda

    Excelsior or Matilda BP ?

  11. T.A.P. Gaming

    I actually own ALL of the tanks he compared this one too at the beginning 🙂

  12. PulseVenom

    Excelsior or Churchill III?

  13. Lars

    I think spaced armor that when penned it goes completely trough it and can for example hit the gunner or the side of excelsior… so basically there is barely/nothing directly attached to it… i think

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