Is it worth it? – M56 Scorpion Review

The fifty-eigth video in the „Is it worth it?“ series where I’ll be reviewing all the premium tanks in the game starting at Tier 2.

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  1. Pi Fu

    Thanks again for a great and very comprehensive review! I might be wrong, but hasn't the E25 the benefit of not losing camo rating after it fired. IIRC that was one of the features that weren't removed from premium TDs that were introduced before the nerf. If this is still correct (which I think it is), it would make the E25 a much better TD regarding the camo thingy even though it has poor pen with the standard ammo.

  2. Hugin Starkstrom

    currently trianing up a Crew from 75% for my Hellcat. Scorpion without a fully trained Crew (maybe even camo) is absolutely terrible. I don't recommend it as a Crew Trainer for stock Crews. Also – in 4 games in a row, the first shot that hit me took out my gun (I was hiding the hull though…).

  3. John Codmore

    Watches 'worth it' video, takes out underperforming premium tank, wins game. Thank you OSi!!

  4. Alpha Niner

    thanks for the review ;o)
    personally I would say this tank is quite interesting, because it is different compared to most other tanks. I got a mastery badge on the very first game – that was nice – it was quite a nice game with 5 kills and some spotting, but it also means that not many competitive gamers play it – which in turn means that the tank is not super good (for them).

    Still I don't play it often. It feels too clunky for me. Perhaps it is better now the tank is buffed a bit.

    I would NOT recommend anybody buying it, unless (1) you are a tank collector, (2) you play american TDs and in need of a crew trainer or (3) you like to increase your tank variation (i.e., you want all these funky tanks).


  5. JaneCobbsHat

    Lakeville, a map that proves conclusively and repeatedly that neither creationists nor evolutionists are right and that the humanity started when a drunk alien raped a monkey.

  6. JaneCobbsHat

    Another masterful review, thanks.

  7. George Buchanan

    Got it on the eu server last week…not had time to take it out yet…

  8. Kevin Brett

    Quallo review

  9. Screw world peace, I want some pizza

    after the buff of the Scorpion it has 365 mm view range right? or am i wrong

  10. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Interesting summary because I thought I might like this tank but I don't like the Hellcat. This reminds me of the UE 57. That reverse buff sounds like it was sorely needed. I think this TD is like most in that you are heavily depending on your team and it is harder to carry with most TDs. The one thing I'm noticing is most reviews is that having a decent gun goes a long way to a favorable rating. So many faults can be overlooked if the gun is decent.

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