Is the Conqueror Super in World of Tanks?

Is the Conqueror Super in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks – Super Conqueror. Today I’m asking if the Conqueror is Super yet and Kret2000 of the RU server is going to show us!

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  1. Deep

    I just wonder how do i change to the Eu server?? I just have Us

  2. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    Wait, no XVM in this video?

  3. Salty Steel

    It's OP.

  4. Justin Rumbley

    It really needs to hold more ammo

  5. Walther Panzer

    What a jerk he is… Forcing the IS-7 out of its spot (2m 42s). Although to be fair he proved more effective in that spot.

  6. Nikola Milutinovic

    What a f waste of brain on this game… Paying money for penetrating tanks… Wow… I guess the skill in this game is who has more money to give to that WG

  7. En Svensk Grabb

    I shot the viewport/copula with my E50 shooting APCR (270mm of pen) And it just bounced

  8. Newcastle 87

    this thing is HORRIBLE. i never block frontal damage.

  9. Masterpiece

    youre invitational code doesnt work

  10. Justin Dixon

    The matchmaking for this tank is 100% broken. So yeah, nothing super about it. Especially when damn near everything it meets is a super-heavy dominant match.

  11. dan k

    This tank isn't that good at all really fv215b is way better imo this tank is t worth it not very good

  12. Jarmo Pennanen

    They should have given us Chieftain Instead.

  14. tom haskin

    Sc is a little to over armoured

  15. Hans R

    Can somebody explain to me, why damage to fuel tank does not affect anything !?!
    I would expect that the tank would no longer be able to move…like permanently tracked

  16. loriquayleio

    Seems better than the pre-nerf t110e5 :/

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