Italeri World of Tanks Model Kits – Series 2 Trailer

Check out this fantastic animated trailer starring the brand new Italeri World of Tanks Model Kits Series 2! Check out the article on the World of Tanks EU-region portal for more details!

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  1. Trevor Philips

    why theres no maus 🙁

  2. Trevor Philips

    theres one problem, tracks are impossible to put on the tank.

  3. Jadranka Ledinski

    are the tracks suposed to move?,

  4. Kacper Raburski

    Mayby in 3rd serion they will make Maus and E 100?

  5. Bassmint

    I like how they modelled the Panther with the proper turret and gun unlike the monstrosity in world of tanks. Please remove that joke of a tank and call the VK 30.02 M a panther. please!

  6. Silas Greaves

    it says Ferdinand on the Leopard fail

  7. Aurelion Sass

    A collector's gem, no doubt 🙂

  8. Heinz Zwodreivier

    If only the game would look as good as this 🙂

  9. WO CIK

    XD jak te czołgi jeżdżą prze zabawne ale dobrze zrobione łapa w górę

  10. Allen Hu

    Buying the 59 to see if there is a 59 code anyone?

  11. Careoran

    hm WoT codes are not very interesting this time…

  12. Doru Ispas

    @DAEpiCmEplayz: they have M24 Chaffee

  13. samuelrc1992

    Joder con la simulación que han hecho XD

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