ITALERI World of Tanks Model Kits – T-34/85 1:35 – BUILDING

Hope you enjoy this video tutorial ! HOW TO : build the T-34/85 !
See you soon ! P.S. For „modern“ German flag I mean the „late“ flag 😉
From 12:56 to 14:20 , the editing software was not able to speed up the pictures enough and the video is fragmented to small parts. Apologizes for that.
▸Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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  1. Daniel Garančovský

    Man, I can not stick top part and bottom part of chassis together. Can someone help me with that ?

  2. Godzilla

    What were the bonus codes for?

  3. Alex C

    all the parts from that tank are plastic or metal?

  4. Ionut Paraschiv

    very nice….i am new in this models, i want to buy a metal tank leopard from Siku, model 4913
    what do you think? any ideea? to buy? not to buy?

  5. sam smola

    Would this be good for a beginner who just built the italeri night fox

  6. IcicleShank

    Is the track piece on the front included in the kit?

  7. Squashy Plays

    GetFoched Umm Its Beeen A Year And Still Didn't Fix It Please Fix It Because I Have Problems Building That Part Of The Tank

  8. sebastian acevedo solano

    link to buy?

  9. Makett Vlog

    Owww… Please more light! We can't see anything!

  10. SoulScarred

    Assuming by educated guess that the sheet of (waxed?) tissue paper is just there to prevent the decal sheet from rubbing on the inside cover of the box, if the box is deformed from the top during shipping it could result in the decals peeling or tearing.

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