Italian Tanks 1915 to Present

Italian Tanks 1915 to 1945
This Video is for the research of Italian Tanks of World War I and World War II and Modern Italian Tanks.
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First Italian Tank – Cassali-Pavesi / Tolotti Tank from 1915 / World War I –
Italian Tankettes –
Carro Veloce 29 Tankette
L3/33 Tankette –
L3/35 Tankette –
L3/35 Lf Flamethrower Tankette –
Italian Light Tanks –
Fiat 3000 –
Carro Armato L.6/40 and Carro Armato L.6-40 L.f Light Flame-thrower Tank – –
Carro Armato 5 Ton –
Carro Armato 8 Ton
Carro Armato L3 Light Tank –
Italian Medium Tanks –
Carro Armato M.11/39 –
Carro Armato M 13/40 –
Carro Armato M 14/41 –
Carro Armato M 15/42 –
Italian Heavy Tanks –
Fiat-2000 –
Carro Armato P.75, P.40, P.26/40 –
Carro Armato Celere Sahariano Medium Tank –
Carro Armato P.43 –
Carro Armato P.43 bis –
Italian Tank Destroyers & Self-Propelled Guns –
Carro di Rottura –
Semovente L.6 1940 Light Self-Propelled Gun
Semovente L40 da 47/32 –
Semovente M 41M da 90/53 –
Carro Commando Per Reparto Semovente da 75/18 –
Semovente M 42T da 75/46 –
Semovente M 42L da 105/25 –
Semovente M 42M da 75/34 –
Semovente 149/40 –
Cingoletta L.40 Light-Recon-SPG –
M.15 AA Tank or Semovente 20/70 Quadruplo – Anti-Aircraft Tank –
Cingoletta 2800 –
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  1. Pierre de Cine

    This affected both tanks and it's "modern" navy.

  2. Pierre de Cine

    It's high sulfur content made it brittle…

  3. Pierre de Cine

    Little known fact – In 1939, Italian armor plate was the worst produced by any industrialized nation.

  4. tizio caio

    the tank at 10:42 is the best looking tank ever!

  5. rick shadow

    Facciamo schifo

  6. garvinhooper

    I can't imagine being in one of those things in north Africa could  fry a chicken inside one the Italians were very ill prepared to fight in WW2

  7. Stefan Mittler

    Is it true that italian tanks have 1 forward gears and 4 gears for rolling backwards?

  8. Luca Orlandi

    bellissimo video

  9. VangelosecondoMarco

    Il cacciacarri Bassotto era il migliore all'epoca, come lo erano tante altre cose partorite in stato autarchico, il che rende ancora più incredibile gli sforzi italiani. Se non fosse stato per la insensata guerra fratricida del '43, gli sforzi avrebbero dato qualche concreto risultato.

  10. Fear Daughter

    Oh come on,our ww2 tanks were the cutest.

  11. Dark x

    not bad

  12. JoutenShin

    Song title please?

  13. Christian DeJohn

    New upcoming book on the Sherman Tank-
    "For Want of a Gun: The Sherman Tank Scandal of WWII"

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