Jagdpanther Review & Guide + Ace Tanker Gameplay – World of Tanks

Review of the tier 7 German tank destroyer, the Jagdpanther – and its a pretty good tank! First I look at the gun selection and choices before moving into some ace tanker gameplay, including how to use this tank best on the battlefield maps.

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  1. Zach Haus

    Love this tank.

  2. Tom Hirons

    great review thx

  3. Some Guy

    The Jagdpanther is a way of Wargaming saying…"sorry for the Jagdpanzer IV

  4. Laurent Boitouzet

    Have you tried the AMX AC 46? and what do you think of it if you have?

  5. Newcastle 87

    Jedi i have a question: ferninand or JP2??? Actually; tank rivalries in WoT would be a good video lol

  6. Newcastle 87

    This is my favorite tank in the world; in WoT i make money and have 12900 battles in my Jpanther. 10.5cm gun is only way to go; it is great alpha for tier 7

  7. ArkonPT

    If I'm not mistaken, that Hellcat got a Kolobanov's lol

  8. zeb doz

    the thing is  i had one, sold t off wen back to  a lower tier, why? well, it seemed to cost me   more than i would win in coins for repair and  re supply  butt that was me

  9. teletubbykiller54

    i really want meself a jpanther but at the same time i really do not want to touch that festering pile of excrement called the ''jagdpziv''…..god that machine is horrid. however i do have it's american rival: the T25AT, and this little guy is just as dangerous as a jpanth. maybe sometime i'll just suck it up and powergrind through the jadgpziv…….really not going to like it as last time i drove a jagdpziv, i kept getting wretched tier 8 matches and close to zero credit and XP profit from dinging everything under the sun [and this was with the 75mm L/70]

  10. underscores

    Jagdpanther is the worst of the tier7 TDs, you can see it's camo rating (essential for non-turret TDs) and it is almost half that of the SU-152, its guns are shit (either no alpha or no precision) and its armor does not exist. It has no advantage over other tanks and can't carry a battle no matter where you are (camo too bad, firepower too low)

  11. hernan cañete

    Hi, Nice match, wich mode is that?

  12. David Watson

    what pc spec are you using ? and do you have in game graphics settings set to high ?

  13. Mike Müller

    My favorite tank of the war, and in the game. Though I preferr the long 8.8cm. More pen, sure 3 more that isn't much of a difference. But, I'd rather have 3 more than none extra at all. Also it was the historical gun, and I'm a person who preferrs realism and historical accuracy. Thirdly it has a faster reload. I preferr pen/reload over alpha. Anyways people can use as they wish, I'm not going to say it is a bad gun, but it just isn't my gun. 😛 Great review as usual.

  14. ghostsy

    Loved my Jagdpanter. Kept it till they brought out the beast that is the Jagdpather 2. Great video as always 🙂

  15. Turriff Terror

    JP is one of my favourite td's. Got the ace tanker and MOE but I don't play it very much now as it's quite map dependant.

  16. SFC Gunny

    Good review.  Myself, I tend to favor rate of fire over alpha damage.  Here's my logic:  As a tank destroyer, with less armor, but better cammo rates, my job is to try and stay hidden and support the main effort, or ambush the flank.  IF, I can stay hidden, a higher rate of fire allows me to hit a target multiple times, or hit multiple enemy targets.  I tend to run the numbers over a 3-4 shot series, and compare the expected damage output over a time period, so, comparing the guns as follows:  8.8 Long, 5 shots would take 32.6 seconds and do 1200 damage, while the 10.5, 4 shots in 32.8 seconds for 1280 damage.  The trade off is minor, and certainly, play style goes into determining which gun to use.  I've found much more success with the higher rate of fire (and high penetration) guns on tank destroyers. 

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