Jagdpanther review!

Jagdpanther review!

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Dornpunzel

    If i may mention: The T25-AT has -10 gun depression and is more agile. So i prefer that one every single time.

  2. Sassy Saddles

    Try as i might i just cant do it! I HATE STUG3 AND JAGDPANTHER! my favorite td is jagdpanzer 4…

  3. Tyler Bage

    ohh boy… what a review! now i really want to get this tank!

  4. Thot Slayer

    Review the St. Emil?

  5. Gaustadt Panzer

    Not sure if I agree with what you said about how TD's are to be played Foch. Some TD's MUST stay hidden. TD's like the "Death Toaster" and Nashorn have paper armor. Perhaps you might mean TD's that have better armor do better at closer range?

  6. Nano852

    this piece of sht is made of engine

  7. John De Rosa

    dose not matter what tank you in fochy you always do fukin good fuk ya 07 bogan1

  8. alphadogg64

    I would rather play the SU100m1 than this if I am honest.

  9. Valivali94

    I liked it, but i played it like 2-3 years ago when i was kind of a scrub and used the 88, because i was too cheap to research the 10,5cm. Really came to bite me in the ass when i got the Jagdpanther 2 XD

  10. - Betroffenheit

    American T-25 is actually better as it has much better gun depression and its faster. The Russians also have some decent tier 7 TDs that are quite a bit better than the JP – Su 44 122, ISU 122 and the Su -152.

  11. Delimon007

    You forgot that the other gun can perma track tanks which is really important at times.

  12. PanzerZak

    Hi Foch, you make nice video's and most of the times you are completely right. However this time you make a little mistake, since the Jagdpanther is one of the best tanks in wot if not the best. np this can happen. It is mobile but not too mobile, feels like a real WO II td instead of some kind of racecar. This is good, you can't suicide by moving too quickly! When arrived at a good location, your excellent aim time will work very well. What a gun. When an opponent comes near, he often targets another tank. After all, shooting at such a beautiful tank as the Jagdpanther is a barbaric and bannable deed.

    In short, the Jagdpanther is a god td (even if it is not).

  13. social3ngin33rin

    What? I've been using the L71 88mm for hundreds of matches. I prefer it :3
    I don't remember the 105 having under 2 sec aiming time >_>

  14. 427Arbok

    You… You talked shit about the T25 AT… Seriously, the thing is lightning quick and has substantially better gun depression. It's maybe not the best TD, but it's easily one of the best tier seven mediums. It's incredibly aggressive, very maneuverable, and it can control the engagement any way it likes on any map that isn't totally flat.

  15. Nicodemus

    The t25AT has better gun depression and the front armor is angled more steeply. The gun mantlet is also larger. i love the jagpanther, but i think the t25at is better.

  16. badbeezy02

    I never seen a video of yours until now.Good video cant wait to see more.

  17. HachiZenki

    Ha ha ha!!~ I remember in a past vid you did about the JPanty II that you said that it was so good you didn't know why people even bother with the Ferdinand and that you probably never would get it.

  18. HachiZenki

    How many matches did you have to sacrifice to RNGeebus to be able to frontally pen that IS-6 without loading gold?

  19. Casey M

    This is one of my favorite TDs, always liked it. Always preferred the 105mm as well, never understood that 88mm debate.

  20. SirDigsALot90

    Foch forgot to mention the glorious German doom canon at tier 7 – ''Shotgun'' Sturer Emil