Japanese Tanks 1925 – 1945

Japanese Tanks 1927 – 1945
Between 1925 and 1945 the Imperial Japanese military designed an impressive arsenal of Tanks and Tank Modifications.including japanese WW2 tanks
Japanese Tankette’s –
Type 92 Tankette“ Ju-Sokosha“ –

Type 94 Tankette –,_1939.jpg
Type 97 Te-Ke –
Japanese Light Tanks –
Type 93 Light Tank —
Type 95 Ha-Gō –
Type 98 Ke-Ni –
Type 98B Ke-Ni Otsu (Japanese Christe Tank) –
Type 2 Ke-To Light Tank –
Type 4 Ke-Nu Light Tank —

Japanese Medium Tanks –
Type 89 Ko –
Type 89 I-Go –
Type 97 Chi-Ha –
Type 97 Chi-Ha KAI –
Type 97 Ha- Ji —
Type 1 Chi-He Medium Tank —
Type 1 Ho-I Prototype —
Type 2 Ho-I –
Japanese Heavy Tanks –
Type 87 or Type 91 Tank from 1927 –
Type 95 Heavy Tank from 1932 –
Type 5 Chi-Ri –
Japanese Tank Destroyer / Assault Guns / SPG’s –
Type 97 Taisho Self-Propelled Gun —
Type 1 Ho-Ni I –
Type 1 Ho-Ni II –
Type 2 Gun Tank Ho-I —
Type 3 Gun Tank Ho-Ni III –
Type 5 Na-to –
Type 5 Ho-Ri Tank Destroyer –
Japanese Amphibious Tanks —
Ishikawajima Amphibious Tank –
SR I-Go Amphibious Tank –
Ishikawajima SR-I Ha-Go —
SR Ro-Go Amphibious Tank –
SR Ro-Go II Amphibious Tank –
Type 2 Ka-Mi —
Type 3 Ka-Chi Amphibious Tank –
Type 4 Ka-Tsu Amphibious Tank –
Ishikawajima Sumida Amphibious Armoured Car/Tank —
Super Rare Japanese Prototype Tanks —
Special Number 3 Light Tank Ku-Ro —
Japanese Anti-Aircraft Tanks —
Type 97 Ki-To —
Type 98 Ta-Se —
Type 98 Ho-Ki –
Japanese Unmanned Drone Tanks —
Nagayama Tank from 1929 —
Type 97 Ya-I-Go or Yigo –

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  1. ユートとアキヒのまったりチャンネル


  2. 878 gt

    ke-ni 可愛い

  3. Grease

    I like how people in the comments are just like " garbage tanks " literally, you don't have anything to do with these tanks And also the past is the fucking past ok? Talk about tanks in the present, how about that

  4. BlitsplatsGaming

    why those japanese tank destroyers and SPGs where not in world of tanks?

  5. tekis0

    Thanks for posting! I didn't know that the Japanese had tank-hunters or SPG's. I wish there was a good Japanese tank film.

  6. ReinBow

    chi ri is a heavy tank? im shock and they dont call tank hunter they called Tank Destroyer

  7. Epickingslayer

    lol type 5 chi ri is protype heavy tank

  8. Dmitri T.

    One thing is for sure: The japs didn't know what sloped armor is!
    Meanwhile, even the soviet light tanks like T60 had sloped armor.

  9. Jumo 004

    An interesting overview of Japanese armored vehicles. I like exploring all aspects of the Japanese military prior to and during the war.

  10. Advaiet Mishra

    0:25 "impressive tanks" fuck, these were the worst designs because these tanks were so less protected that even a .50 cal bullet was able to penetrate and would kill crew Inside

  11. Erick Rapa

    You missed one the O-I tank!.

  12. He Young

    A good vid to improve the japanese tech tree in WoT
    Wargaming should watch this

  13. Seth Brooking

    Every one in the comments who's asking about the O-I tank seen in World of Tanks needs to consider that there are no photographs remaining of the tank. Also, most of the Tanks in WoT are either made up or existed only in Blueprints…

  14. Lawrence Libao

    the 120 mil gun is big like my dick

  15. Nasri Nasir

    which of these japs tanks were actually operated during the ww2? i think not all of them are fielded during ww2. in Malaysia which at that time known as Malaya, Japs came with tanks but mostly tankettes and light tanks such as type 94, type 95 and type 97 while Brits fielded none except the Bren Gun carriers. the Brits and Aussie troops in Malaya and Singapore also used AA guns as AT weapons but not very effective.

  16. Devin

    do they not weld their tanks?

  17. AceTheMusicMan

    Why can't anyone see the beauty of these tanks?

  18. журналист

    Even Australian tanks could compete with Japanese tanks, and that's disturbingly bad. The Eastern theatre just never had impetus to build heavy armour. There just wasn't the open plains and therefore competition leading to heavier and heavier tanks. In fact a lot of the east favoured small, light, highly mobile forces.

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