1. Kacper Kałamucki


  2. kazi for

    Noooooob Gold nad Free xp

  3. Alex Georgiev

    You've played like a noob

  4. Rock the Doc

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    Just wtf


    Dude I'm 11 and got my tier 9 in 5 months it was the Type 4 heavy ur a gold spamming noob

  7. unknown farseer

    The reason I stopped playing the game was due to gold spamming, the point of it is ?

  8. Daniel Burke

    I have far better games in mine without using any prem consumables just 2 repair kits and a med kit and I carry only 4 magazines worth of prem and rarely use it the apcr is fine for everything but the turrets of super heavies.

  9. Jeremy Harrison

    Prem spammers like you ruin the game

  10. Eddie Duin

    What would you recommend for a autoloading heavy: the max 59b or kranvagn. This would be my first autoloading heavy tank. The thing is, I like mobility, armor, and a good gun, can anyone tell me what they would recommend?i also like gun depression. I ment amx 50b

  11. mr. matrix

    I just watched a man go from tier 1 to tier 10 in 3 minutes. It would take me probably 2 to 6 months too get it.

  12. Andrea Betti

    Another gold spammer…noob

  13. RenamedUser

    Really, they call Paris map Ravaged Capital on console? We hate this map on PC

  14. Just Intro

    xbox or ps4 ?

  15. Titan Gaming

    So what if he is a credit card noob, is it your game? Or you money? No didn’t think so, so lay off of him.

  16. redrocket24

    Fun to watch someone waste all that free XP and Gold and still be a horrible player 😀

  17. Thomas Leonard

    I really want this tank but tier 5 sucks 🙁 maybe I will get it for Christmas unless armored Warfare comes out after

  18. sam rexso

    what the f……………. how much gold he have

  19. Mobilized Panda

    You're trash

  20. Jayvon Webb

    Thank you for wasted your money and funding this game. We need more players like you to fund wargamings greed so we can continue to play.