Kranvagn is INSANELY overpowered | World of Tanks 9.17

First of all, I realized Kranvagn is pronounced like „kron-vaggen“ and not whatever I was pronouncing in the video. You’ll have to endure my pronounciation for this video.

Second of all, the Kranvagn is way too powerful in its current state. More people needs to hear about this. Please share this video if you agree with what I’m saying here and think that this tank needs to be seriously nerfed.

Now you may think. Oh boy, Wargaming doesn’t know a damn thing about what they’re doing. You know what I think? I think they know exactly what they’re doing.

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  1. sochi11

    o really? insanely op? try to play this tank now in tier 10s and u will see how "good" this tank is. Videos like this made this tank @:#!.

  2. daktrdre

    i lost all my faith in wargaming, they are worse than some asylum imbecils rly, without joking, the things being done to the game is like they're trying to kill it on purpose, stopped playing after 60k games … shame on you wg

  3. Aventus

    swedish tank builders weakspots baaah we are not dumb to put them there 😀

  4. EnderHeroD danl

    bro, ive already killed like 7 or 8 Kravagns in about 5 battles shooting at the turret

  5. stabilisedchaos

    It's gonna be OP as &*$£!" as usual with all new tank lines so people play them,then after a few months the nerf hammer will come down.

  6. bjorn ulfr

    (slightly faster when im manouvering and driving over a truck)

  7. Ran Ji

    yeah balanced WG, good job fucking morons

  8. Incognito Nes

    Quickybaby has showed how to lay waste to a hull-down Kranvagn. The ears that stick out from the sides of the turret are excellent for detonating HE next to the very weak sidearmor of the turret.

  9. Christer Dahl

    People should stop whining over how this tank is OP just because it has 2 strong features, pretty much as any other tank. Rather learn to deal and and develop a tactic please

  10. cameron trevena

    all im hearin is wa wa wa

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