1. KLKARILIO Krikskk

    No No

  2. Jacgamer Brown

    fcking ping

  3. monkeydude3987

    Yeah you rushed in early which I wouldn't have, but good vid.  That M3 Lee didn't help much!  What the heck was he doing??

  4. BaarnVictor

    The titel should be; how no to drive the Kv1S. Driving without repair kids, useless noob shot at start of the battle and lost half health at start of tje battle. Very bad playing, pure luck.

  5. Thiago Santos

    INFINITE GOLD glitch cheat bug (still WORKS)
    u gotta check out this tool my friend showed me to get TONS n TONS of gold n credits!!! its on google here => https://www.facebook.com/779173268855660/photos/pb.779173268855660.-2207520000.1447271494./779174558855531/?type=3&pidid=a7016195-c8f5-43ad-8f83-0f9b9c5513c4 KV-1S Gameplay, fully upgraded, World of Tanks Blitz for iOS.

  6. Catherine Knowles

    As kv1s you never go by yourself

  7. Catherine Knowles

    U r noob

  8. dat boi

    I LOVE dat 122mm deals 400hp of damage an can one shot a stug 3 if ur lucky

  9. Just_A_Tree

    480p iOS peasant with 27 FPS

  10. Vainglory-Apocalyptic

    Daniel what screen recorder do you recommend on iOS 8 that does not cause lag?

  11. Theo Harris

    Shall i get the T-150 or the Kv-1s?

  12. inyaface808jr

    if you want a op and powerful tank that has good dps and armor id check out the e-100 german tank its tier 10 and its really good

  13. AceInfinityGaming

  14. Xanøn 7412

    do you use a controller by chance and if you do what kind i cant seeem to find a cheap one that supports the game and ios

  15. Harris chaudhry

    What gun did ur tank had

  16. Anton Morozov

    Nobbs gamer

  17. Abbosbek Khudayberganov

    Nice! My high score was 5 kills

  18. Nicko Miranda

    Y you waste a shot at the start

  19. Mohammed Khaled

    Dude you have a hack or something. Can u give me tips to earn money faster

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