KV-1S – World of Tanks Blitz

KV-1S - World of Tanks Blitz

Yo Waddup Guys From MeMasterGamer Games.

Today I’m going to play KV-1S
I’m MeMasterGamer 17 Years Old And I’ve been Playing This Game For Around 2,5Years
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  1. Reqiu 102

    Me Master Gamer Games plis T-54 gameplay

  2. Sai Vaishnav Jayavel Murugan

    Is it worthy because it's costly 20000….?

  3. Sai Vaishnav Jayavel Murugan

    Pls tell

  4. Sai Vaishnav Jayavel Murugan

    Pls telk

  5. Sai Vaishnav Jayavel Murugan

    Is that the 5000 gun or 20000 gun??

  6. Len C

    question is he in the north america server


    MeMasterGamer Games, pls video IS-6 ;(

  8. Indignatio 1945

    I dont remember the reload time being 19 seconds, wow

  9. sunny 786

    How to download hack version

  10. Dickbutt. M

    My reload is 18.7 secs ONLY with equipment and 100% crew. No provisions

  11. Kwik 87

    Song intro please!

  12. Guilherme Beiró Berwaldt

    acho que sou o unico brasileiro que assiste seus vídeos

  13. Aline Phan

    The angry connor on fort despair its me!!!!!

  14. Ádám Halek

    Why did you go to the zoo? In the first battle you start off next to a birdhouse

  15. Dane Sefu' la femei

    Use right click for move only camera , no and the turret.

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