1. Youri van Steeg

    TTS? is that you?

  2. Howard van

    it wasnt built….


    I think that classifies as just a bit more than a "Heavy Tank"

  4. Niklas Klasen

    Problem: Try to get from Berlin to Stalingrad at Gas prices of 1.40€ per litre with THIS

  5. DerDeutscheGamer

    just make the roof extra T H I C C.


    If you have destroyed the enemies air force, this would be the ultimate psychological weapon.

  7. Dan Iacobescu

    This thing would've been a sweet target for fighter bombers. I don't even understand why they hell the Germans wasted their time with such projects that had no combat value whatsoever.

  8. Robert L.

    This will definitely be a behemoth in Battlefield 1944

  9. CelticRanger 094

    If they could power it with nuclear power their wouldn't be a fuel issue at all . Make the armor so thick that most bombs from aircrafts wouldnt do shit

  10. SamsStuff

    Who came here from RealLifeLore?

  11. Rat


  12. Mickey mouse

    this will be good for taking out my school

  13. Anzac-A1

    Just a couple of British Mosquitoes would take it out easy.

  14. Dumb Comment

    yes, we can penetrate this thing but we can not pen all the way through

  15. TopBunkProductions

    Is that the voice actor for apple's 'Siri' narrating here?

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