LEAKED! – 9.11 Action X Centurion Stats (FV4202 Replacement) || World of Tanks

New replacement British Tier X normal medium tank for the FV4202.

This modified Centurion 7/1 with a new turret will be the new Tier X replacement for the FV4202 medium tank. It will be likely introduced for the 9.11 or 9.12 patch.

*Note, stupid birds started to chirp at the end of the video since it’s early morning. Hope you didn’t notice.

For a good read on the development of the Action X Centurion and the special turret:

The history of the Centurion Action X started in 1955 – as a part of the development work on the vehicle a new turret was proposed. The main difference between the old Centurion turret and this new one was the absence of gun mantlet (that on the Centurion covered most of the frontal turret area). This solution allowed the frontal turret part to have much more sloping, which significantly improved the shell protection. This turret was proposed to be equipped with the 105mm L7 gun.

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  1. Michael Morgan

    Since when did english tanks fire HEAT?

  2. Erik Pimenta Hoeygaard - 9A

    song name of the intro???

  3. b brady

    just play this on the test server. shit is op af and I fucking love that about it. oh my god. this tank is sex

  4. b brady

    plz put that barrel wrap on it war gaming please. i beg you

  5. Sir Iron Duke

    Make a fully invented nazi tank with a autoloader and not one bats an eye!!!!!
    Make a British tank mount a 105mm when historically had a 20 pounder as main gun and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!!!!
    Aside from that….mmm the new Centurion looks a little bit better than the Mark 7 version.

  6. TnBDelta

    So glad I got the FV4202 unlocked already xD

    Shame i rarely play it though 🙁

  7. legojoe2

    Random question: Where did Sahm get the opening video from? It looks fantastic.

  8. Not Bazza

    How do you have the Chieftain MK6/Action X models in Tank inspector? They aren't there in my tank inspector, and I have the current version.

  9. Scitimar

    Better gun depression? 
    The centurions are known for their good gun depression.
    Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot, High Explosive Anti Tank, High Explosive Squash Head, Perfect combination. 
    Sounds to good to be true you know it's a near perfect machine.

  10. Dranoel Arios

    Has anyone heard about the chieftain/ t95 hybrid tier 8 tank?

  11. Bjørnar Magnussen

    Why do you have a webcam if it's so small and dark that you can't actually see anything? It only ruins the video.

  12. guavaburst

    Better speed will be good, my FV4202 suffers from not being able to reposition and compared to other tier 10 MTs it's not in the same game. Gun accuracy nerf is sad times, it was nice to have a reliable death ray. The ammo change will be horrible.

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