Lego World Of Tanks | 1 Maus VS 8 Tanks !!!!

Salut j’espère que cette épique bataille t’a plu !!!
Dis moi dans les commentaires quel char tu préfère et si il n’y est pas je pourrai peut-être le construire 😉

Hi I hope you like this epic battle !!!
Say me in the com who is you favorite tank and if he is not here i can build him 😉


  1. Sir master232 !

    Great video BUT…

    I think the maus would have been destroyer before the other tank snuck up behind it

  2. Dotted CRPZ

    Lol sorry but the Maus really DOES look a lot like the Jg.Pz E100. Ok I'll stop judging tanks now 🙂

  3. Dotted CRPZ

    OMG!!! Let's just stop complaining about which tank is which and start appreciating the work gone into this video. Nice vid Brick Max

  4. Dotted CRPZ

    Epic Noobs hell no it's an AT1 not a T18, just go to the front of the video. Is any of the tanks a T18? Use your eyes

  5. Dotted CRPZ

    How did the AT1 kill maus? AT1's gun isn't strong enough to penetrate maus's back armor

  6. Joanna Bandojo

    yes cyka kv 2 wons blyat cheeki breeki

  7. thechickensinacoop


  8. Laigo Tiger_chanel

    super video passe voir ma chaine moi je m'abonne a la tienne

  9. ARF panzer production

    Vraiment génial j'adore !!!Je pourrai m’inspiré ? Parce que je veut faire un brickfilm ww2 avec ça ?

  10. Brick French Lego


  11. PanzerBrick Ww2

    super cool

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