lego ww2: „JACKAL“ (An animation inspired by Fury and World of Tanks)

Many thanks to Baeumler films for the voice over, thanks buddy 😉

A ww2 tank animation inspired by the movie Fury and online game World of Tanks. This Brick film follows the story of a British tank convoy led by Captain Harrison and his fearless crew of the Mighty Churchill Battle Tank „JACKAL“ making their way through Germany months before the end of the war. But now they must fight for their lives as they come across one of Germany’s most feared killing machines which has risen from the ashes of war torn Europe, the DREADED TIGER!!!

Music by Kevin Macleod of


  1. Quang Vinh Đinh

    Is the long US tank Churchill? It isn't looked like Sherman M4

  2. British Tank Gunner

    This tanks are from best-lock right? Oh and really nice video

  3. General x Productions

    This is why the gunner have to zoom in!

  4. Yizhou Du

    What is the background music called

  5. LikeSmike Spike

    I got a world at war ad

  6. Шарящем Лечллгс

    "Great video! But,why is the tiger so small for a tiger tank?

  7. Yuki Ye

    so unrealistic

  8. Tanner Aslan

    Aye lad nice fake Lego tanks

  9. tobblerable


  10. Aa Tap

    2:21 lol

  11. Martin Kirilov

    really…the tiger would obviously win…


    XD a stuart gun vs a tiger XD omg

  13. gém ail

    les chenilles ne bougent pas !

  14. Samchurchy

    I noticed how similar the voice overs are to : War of the worlds GOLIATH …
    xD good animation anyways 😀

  15. Lenny Cepillo

    Hey I love German but you kill it

  16. Алексей Замышляев


  17. Ricky Lao

    The video was not bad.

  18. Ricky Lao

    The M5 Stuart's tracks are not moving.
    1:02 That shot just missed, therefore, nothing hits you, right?
    Tanks did not use steering wheels, they used levers.
    1:29  You're not in a M1A2 Abrams.

  19. Sam's BrickStory

    What is the name of the light tank

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