Leopard 2 – World of Tanks Blitz

Yo Waddup Guys From MeMasterGamer Games.

Today I’m going to play Leopard 2 (Leopard 1 Skin)
I’m MeMasterGamer 16Years Old And I Playing This Game For Around 2,5Years
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French Tanks –
German Tanks –
Russian Tanks –
American Tanks –
English Tanks –
Japanese tanks –


  1. anti lyrical

    Looks a bit disproportionated

  2. PlAy Tv

    Ребята это леопард 1

  3. Obiwan Kenobi

    How do you have leopard 2?
    Is it some mod or how did you do it?

  4. Samuel Anamyres

    Friend, I'm writing on your channel, please leave the link of the mods that you use, it will help you a lot and how much people who watch your videos,

  5. jason 13

    is this a mod

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