Leopard PTA From Stock to Rock World of Tanks Blitz

So whats the difference between a stock tank and a rock tank thats fully loaded out? Today we find out!

IN what may become a regular feature we are going to be running through the ins and outs of a Leo PTA stock then straight into a Leo PTA fully Rock!


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  1. MarZaBow

    bushka regarding the PTA is it better to upgrade the gun or the engine first?

  2. Aqua Essence

    This does sound like a great idea for a new series for your channel, Mr. Bushka. I recommend stock Tiger (P) for your next one for an absolute joy(??). I bet it's gonna go from "really bad" on stock to "still bad" on full upgrades. xD

  3. Mycroft Beaufighter

    well I hated the stock Tortoise

  4. kingslayer 2017

    lol those snipers both back off as soon as they were spotted.

  5. Paul Bolden

    can someone pls tell me in detail how this fkin spotting system work

  6. joe hendrix

    Drives stock tank at top tier……yeah that's the challenge huh. The challenge is driving a stock tank at bottom tier. You didn't have any of those clips to show?

  7. Siamese Gaming

    i should keep my ru 251 and wait for the rheinmatall panzerwagen…

  8. Leonardo Carnero

    why when he drives the leopard stock, he uses provisions, that beats the point of the video

  9. Harley Goode

    I just can't make creds with the tank

  10. Satwik V

    so sad to say but this game has become worse ever since new updates:((((
    Just today I was in a battle and it was 2 vs 1 opponent (vk 45.03) and he killed my teammate and 2 seconds laters as i was about to shoot him, he killed me too. Like wtf! I checked and the reload time for a vk 45.03 was at least 6 seconds. And he shot me 2 seconds after he shot my teammate. Like HOW?

  11. Luckyluchs777

    Lol my Borsig could beat the stock PTA in a race hands down! 🙂

  12. Black Rex

    vk 45.03 is trash

  13. Kaid Nickl

    I remember having a stock T29 and ST-I….

  14. Bronson K.

    hey bushka love the concept of this new.. series? could you do the centurion 7/1 stock and recommend what i should research first? thanks

  15. Aryam Amin

    If Bushka sang at a concert, I would go.

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