1. JoshuaKiller115

    anyone here in 2017?

    this game has changed alot btw


    you guys are cool

  3. Skillgamer18

    omg im born in 2003, and in 2012 i got my first pc (and i didnt know anything about pc or gaming, like didnt know it was a thing to be a gamer) i dont know why/how i got world of tanks on my pc, but i come from a family where we dont do any kind of shooting,not real life(like nerf) or in games, but i got to like tier 8 and it was wery hard, and i used alot of time on this game, now when i have downloaded the game again, i dont know how to understand that i played this in 2012 (when i was 9 years old) and i was that good(foor a 9 year old to have tier 8 tanks, is good after what i think) this was the first game i played(like used time on) and that game is the base of my life now, that is the ground of my gaming career.

  4. Deedle 78

    he is thinking too much just f**** shoot the enemy tanks just cuz they are one tier ahead dosnt mean you have literally no chance

  5. mrMiniec


  6. AlphaLTU

    look at that old fps lol

  7. dawn joyce

    make it not at all blurry

  8. blair pearce

    Where u go to join clans

  9. NinjaWarrior Gamer

    Why is my screen is always in sniper mode I think cause I can't see my tank

  10. colin hall

    this is the best person for this I thinck

  11. Scaly Dicksmasher Mcbools

    the Ltractor is way faster than the MS-I

  12. Scaly Dicksmasher Mcbools

    dude you suck at this game

  13. Tania Broome

    how do you turn on auto aim