Lowe vs HT 12 (patch 9.17 Buffs) – World of Tanks

Lowe vs HT 12 (patch 9.17 Buffs) - World of Tanks

Deano95 takes on mission HT-12 for the T-55a in the newly buffed Lowe German premium tank. Oh, and I have another 1000 Gold to give away!

Patriot vs HT-15 mission


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Got a good WoT replay to show me for the channel? Upload it to and send me the link to: agingjedioake @ gmail .com (without spaces). Please put the tank involved in the subject line and don’t send me the actual replay file as my inbox fills up fast 🙂


  1. Morlock

    Oh how i miss 9.17

  2. VorTex gAmEr

    My friend was the one who put 30 comments xD

  3. John Codmore

    Arse! Which I'd seen this a few days ago, WG offered me this at 20% off on the weekend, but I ummed and arred. Would buy again.

  4. Christopher Li

    Would buy it when its on sale

  5. Casper

    Lol the guy from the replay has his own channel

  6. Christian Krona

    Useless fact: Ikv 65 stands for InfateriKanonVagn which means infantry support vehicle

  7. Stone1232

    I thought he was going to teamkill the skoda t25

  8. Aquaaz

    I felt like a tog 2 before in my löwe but now i can acctually move around and be a lion like the tank suggests

  9. Aivaras Druciunas

    Hey! This replay was epic!
    Fav tank Fcm 50 T
    Server: Eu
    Name: MotherTankerFighter

  10. жека Асельборн

    прикольно хороошо

  11. Justin Lee

    Snipe4723 NA server I need the gold to get the dicker max or su 100y
    but best luck I guess
    and the lowe is hard to kill now, I used to be able to pen the thin strip on the front with my Jagdpanzer iv

  12. Cosmin Dinulescu

    RNGesus stole my bike . PuLSeS_X_AtOmIIk EU server (just copy-paste it) :DD

  13. rofel wope

    i rally like that kind of a giveaway kin_4 EU

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