^^| LTTB. Thanks enemy team! (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Sun Shower

    What a fucking lightning race car tank. Damn.

  2. Sam Tio

    That IS3A why go cap…

  3. Matt Jones

    This game seems pretty cool, has quite good graphics and is an open world game. I played it once maybe 4 years ago but didn't know how to, but I think I'd like to try it again. Does anyone have any tips on what to do and what not to do maybe?


  4. colter whitehouse

    I'm proud of you Circon, you made credits!

  5. Benson Jones

    Sir Circon have you done gameplay of the T54 lightweight? I would to see how you play that tank.

  6. Tucoco Tucoco

    Is Circon planning to three mark all the tanks in the game? This man is going for a guinness record.

  7. WillGaming_

    We need more players like that Spice Panzer to save the cap before tomatoes on my team full cap when there's still like 10k hp and 8 tanks left alive!

  8. spookje111

    Hello hero SP1C, have a bullet.

  9. Oberst_Stein

    IS-3A. Definitly MVP.

    Or maybe it was the SP1C.

  10. zombiTrout

    Enemy team, AKA: the other 29 players…

  11. dirk de horde

    Hehehehehehhe well ca-

  12. C.R. Young

    Gunner being naughty boy giving driver BJ when they ram you.

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