1. Ric Aldrich

    We Americans are obsessed with the British accent

  2. Lil - Raks

    How does ace tanker work?

  3. Scott eberle

    Well done love the channel

  4. Warth

    personally i think this tank is absolute shit. t32 was better, less of a turrent to hit, not as tall, etc.

  5. Mike Keeley

    Spoilt for choice for good tier 9 heavies, M103, E75, STI, VK45B, Conqueror, are all really playable. Dont like the IS8 that much so far and dont have the Chinese or Japanese ones to compare. Might have to change my equipment on the 103 and give the optics a try. Another good video Mad, thankyou.

  6. EpIcNaChO

    should be a medal for doing that much damage and not taking an damage

  7. Sharkie Charger R/T

    Loved your M103 review first one I seen on the xbox1

  8. Remaxtered

    I always use optics instead of vents. Rammer, vert stabs and optics is my go to setup. 😛

  9. Andre karlsson

    Why does you guys get so much better perks tha PC hahah im not to sure about swimming lessons and paratrooper but still muffled shot, additional repairs, more camos in general wut

  10. Outwardpanicjoe

    It's armor is ok if you are facing the enemy

  11. MotoSimmo

    Gg! I liked the m103 but the e5 is way better. You gotta be a bit careful against big guns but against most lower tiers you pretty much roll around cracking heads lol
    It flexes well and brings the boom when it rocks up places. I don't really play heavies but like the e5 a lot

  12. Dream _


  13. Dream _

    Thanks for the informati on

  14. gebb60able

    are you ever going to get the t110e3

  15. jakeisgreat112

    Your going to love the E5 !!

  16. Cole Johnson

    love your videos would love to platoon sometime

  17. Smouse Smouse

    Was the game play on one of the NA servers?
    lol i laughed at the end when i seen your small platoon beat a bigger American platoon some of the 47Ronin clan guys and you vid was a thank you for American viewership totals lol nice vids thanks Friday lol… 😉 🙂

  18. Im Dat Duck

    Good tank, bad armour….

  19. twotter1969

    Great game 🙂

  20. Brennan Pavey

    Your great man in just afraid you forget us ol before 1k subs when u get more subs

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