^^| M36 Jackson; The forgotten Tank Destroyer (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Circonflexes

    The ol' Slugger, seems like no one really plays it, but so far its been a pleasure to play. Hope it gets a HD model soon! Do you guys like it? Also i got 1 or 2 replay casts comming up aswell, since you guys seem to really enjoy those! Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  2. Stefan Trajkovic

    Nobody playing it >>> makes me come close to getting my 3rd mark of excellence (90%)

  3. TJ Mac

    The Jackson, one of the best tier for tier td's in game. I have 3 MoE to show how much I like it.

  4. Slotmech

    I actually liked the Jackson more than the Hellcat; the Hellcat was fast enough to get you into trouble you couldn't get out of. When the Hellcat got nerfed the first time, I switched to the Jackson and never looked back. I like that it can take a hit or two better than a Hellcat (useful on today's concealment-challenged maps) yet is still reasonably quick to reposition.

  5. mateusz urbaniak

    It was my first ever tier VI 🙂

  6. Lewis Wright

    And I thought the console players were bad…

  7. MH30R

    Agree with the Cap timer not being enabled until the last 5 minutes of the game. Early cap games are useless for everyone.

  8. blackdave2211

    Nice idea on the cap at the end

  9. defconfour12

    forgotten my ass i love mine..not sure how many games circ but im sure in the thousands,,glad to see you highlight it.. your reload time wow mine right now is 6.6 sec

  10. Harry Ampatzides

    such a GJ I really like when someone makes a video with a tank that is not OP and played by almost all. Jackson is one of them. I like this tank a lot and since gun handling in hellcat is very nerfed I really think buying Jackson back.   Gj once more dude 😉

  11. Splaticus Blah

    Just wondering why the weird aspect ratio? Tanks look a little narrow and high.

  12. Potassium Cyanide


  13. Alterate Awful

    most people chose hellcat over this cuz better dpm and mobility
    well or just mobility
    the dpm is preaty much the same .
    i think jackson have more
    hellcat has awesome camo through

  14. Fake Name

    I liked that tank. Hellcat speed got me into trouble when I was new so tried the Jackson and did well in it.

  15. Jesse Sisolack

    I know it is strange, but I have always preferred the Jackson over the Hellcat. Even before the Hellcat nerfs. I just do better in it. It has exactly the same gun, but my hit percentage is about 20% better in the Jackson, and that is a bit difference. Must be the hidden stats. Also I bounce a lot with the armor.

  16. BlackHavq

    For some reason I liked the M36 more than the Hellcat even back in the day when Hellcat was in it's prime. Gotta sell the Hellcat and get back on the M36 now 😉

  17. Stalin?

    i understand that console and pc are basically over a year apart but there's a lot more jackson players on console ( our newest line is the japanese heavies that we got around last year's october or november so a lot less different tanks than pc)

  18. FriskyOCallahan

    That look after missing the Grille twice

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