M48 Patton Tier X Mastery Series World of Tanks Blitz

M48 Patton Tier X Mastery Series World of Tanks Blitz

Once the least fears medium in the entire tier, the m481 “Fatton” has come full circle. With a few modifications to its armour profile and the parity bough about by certain equipment changes the m48 has become an absolute love machine.

Utility and ability go hand in hand to create a supremely drivable tank )

Ahoy and enjoy!

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  1. Doctor Cthulhu

    I just went into the mission page an unchecked the “available in garage” button. That t44-100 looks like a great tank. The spaced armour around the turret will be a game changer, no more getting hit with heat in the side or rear of the turret, when youre hull down.

  2. Nineteen Grub

    Do E50M next please.

  3. Eduardo Figueroa

    I can see a nerf incoming for m48 🙁

  4. Abdiel Gonzalez

    guys I'm at the M4Jumbo, my question to all the guys that have all the tier10 american tanks, what should i go for M48patton or the T110E5?(im not new at the game, i just didnt go for the american line aearlier)

  5. Created Core

    This is different thing but how about e50m i heard its gud but not that gud

  6. Diego Kaku

    you need to make a video talking about: How to chose a side? because people really dont know how to chose a side.

  7. Vinnie Tran

    Any reason to play the STB1 anymore now that the 62A and the M48 are buffed?

  8. Welsh Games

    Bushka is the type of bloke that doesn't try the flavor you recommended at the ice cream shop

  9. Perry Jones

    Bushka is more map knowledge videos on their way? Knowing the tanks strengths & weaknesses are great, but only half the battle ( G.I. Joe pun intended).

  10. Philip Michel

    Good information..! @Bushka I'm one of those guys that LOVES to jump in a good moving tank with good gun, and fly behind the lines drawing fire, and RALLYING the guyz to overwhelm positions.

    And man did we have a good game. You were on my team (I didn't know about your AWESOME TIPS and videos until you left me a link and a thumbs up), and I was my normal crazy Patton tactics self (bum rush the line). We and the whole team just stayed together and just overwhelmed every position.

    What should've been a longer grind turned into (somehow), exactly how a general would've wanted before reinforcements. I wish it was recorded. Maybe it was but I'm extra glad that game happened cause I'm getting some finesse in my style now. Mostly thanks to you..! Thank you by the way!

    I'll run through the line if I think I can do it without taking to much damage, and setup on thier flank right in frnt of em (no one can handle it), they'll all move frm camp to take a shot at me. It's an art. One I haven't perfected and effects your win ratio.

    I commercial fish so I don't have a lot of time anyways, but these days with all the changes and the choppy-ness (signal), I have to be more careful. Good stuff Bushka hope we end up on the field again, and if ever I'm up against you; I'll only take so much before figuring out how to rush the position of the sniper, so good luck to you on that day. 🙂

  11. Daniel Toxqui

    should I buy the rudy ???

  12. sadri mathari

    How different you consider it from the M60 ?? I got the M60 which I found fantastic at least in terms of gun handling. But still a delicate tank to drive. Less now because the hate against the M60 due to the conditions it was given faded away (I use to have all the red team wanting to kill me including the blocking from my own pards !!!!)

  13. HaVoc225

    You should take another look at the 4202 since it just got hesh back and compare the two gun's play styles.

  14. Samuel Sparks

    Great review Bushka you've made me want to continue my Sherman grind now

  15. nolimitsREAL

    it's a stupid buffed tank and should be nerfed , that turret it shouldn't be that strong ….The benefits of the tank: great mobility , super gun, super turret , super damage, i have it over 70%, i don't agree with the tank being that good .

  16. Fish Shoes

    Didn't the E5 video already come out? It came out like last week right?

  17. Caleb Slaughter

    I got my first mastery in the crusader yesterday

  18. Fish Shoes

    Yay! I have been waiting for this review! I am at the M46 Patton at the moment and soon on my way to the M48 Patton

  19. Bob Dickens

    Dang… I’m still amazed at how cool the patton’s camos look.. I really want a leopard camo. If they do add one, the one the kpfpz 70 has would look great on the leopard

  20. Doctor Cthulhu

    Can you do an updated review of the Foch 155? I’m really wondering how the rangefinder armour buff has affected the style of play.