M56 Scorpion US Premium TD – Patch 9.7 – World of Tanks

A full preview of the M56 Scorpion, the new US premium tier 7 tank destroyer coming in patch 9.7. Includes a look at the stats, options, tactics and of course the gameplay! Is it worth it? I think so!

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  1. David Polansky

    I do like to take the scorpion to the hill, if it seems like I'll be decently supported. The gun depression and its speed make it great for popping up and taking potshots at enemies coming up over the crest.

  2. Ganjah Do

    i love to shoot HE at this td, specially with a 120mm gun


    Great review as always, thanks for taking the time to help others make informed decisions concerning the premium tanks, seems like this one could turn out to be a lot of fun.

  4. Freddy Fazbear

    its so cute i want it

  5. thomas hirons

    lovely little td

  6. Apple Thug

    And the third purpose of premium tanks is – HAVE FUN! 🙂

  7. Илиан Авджийски

    i didnt like this tank, before watching your video ,but with your voice i like him verry much.your voice is verry calm and it sound like everything is possible in the WoT.

  8. Julopabene

    I'm sad, that they threw the tank away at the moment, I would have bought it 🙁

  9. Scott Ewer

    Jedi I got on the test server had been playing the m56 scorpion so pretty good tank the gun firing is a little bit faster I like to e25 the kind of the same but the m56 is gun slower with a camouflage net it's really hard to see and find thank you for your videos aka oldfiredog / Scott

  10. joey8obby

    Jeez your commentary along with jingles' is absolutely amazing. Quickybaby's is informative but he doesn't have that mature, calming voice like you and jingles! (Nothing against QB there, just my opinion). Earned yourself a sub man! Keep it up!

  11. 1971stretch

    Like the review. Really looking forward to this tank appearing in the WoT shop!

  12. Joe Blobdob

    This td is awesome. There must be more to it than we know, the soft stats of the gun must be impressive too because I manage to pen every shot I take against tier 9 tanks, standard ammo. I cannot wait to get one.

  13. jeff thorpe

    i wouldn't mind this at all….i like my TD's, they suit my "laid back" style ;).  only thing that will stop me will be the price, what with upcoming babys and all that 🙂

  14. Richard Rhiew

    Now this looks interesting, paper armor but a nice gun and decent mobility

  15. Scott Ewer

    I enjoyed the video when does the M 56 scorpion come out

  16. Roust Fps

    All I have to say is 1/1/1….

  17. Vnx

    Between the small size and lack of armor, I want to see the critical hit listing on the score screen resulting from a KV-2 or artillery caliber high explosive hit.

    I don't think I'll buy one but it does look like a pretty nifty machine 🙂

  18. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Thanks for the review. I can't believe those armor numbers. This reminds me of the UE 57 but even that lawnmower has more armor. 

    I do like how the tank looks but boy this seems like a difficult tank to play. You really do need to rely on the team to make this work because it is so limited. I am fond of limited tanks because it takes much of the guesswork out of the style of play. But this might be a bit much. The reload is nice and the penetration does seem to work and the alpha is decent but as your replays show, if the enemy starts to rush, you can't hope to scare them away or destroy them unless they are already on really low health. The gun seems to have nice stats but that lack of armor is really difficult. 

    I agree that the primary objective in this tank is to snipe without being seen but ideally isn't that true of all tanks? If it were that easy to snipe while hidden we would do that with all our tanks. Having said all that I will probably buy it if they have a good enough sale since I'm a chump for the weird tanks.

  19. Sichelschurke

    Looks like it is a less mobile Hellcat with less armour but 50mm more Penetration and 0.7 more rounds per minute

  20. The Gamer

    Nice video thanks for sharing this footige

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