M60 Little Nero World of Tanks Blitz

Well its here. A top down look at easily the most controversial premium blitz has ever encountered. The only premium above tier 8 and the only tier 10 premium in the history of the game!

It’s not really like a premium at all. It’s just a tier Ten med with some flashy bits and is certainly a variation on the theme of the M48A1 Patton.

I also take a look in this video at the brand new addition to The tank compare tool is an amazing new gizmo thats been available for some time on PC but Sockrobber the doyen of Blitzstars has created a web app that you can access here so go check it out.

However it was gifted and however you feel about it is not what this review is about. It’s simply about the tank and the best way to drive the thing.

So enjoy humans and rock on 🙂

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  1. Storm trooper bob

    Classic blitz making dumb decissions

  2. Brian Mattingly

    Why are so many tier 10 players such cry babies ??

  3. New_Guy_ Wotb America and Asia

    How did you get the m60-_- is it a gift from Christmas?


    wow this is super tank how i buy this tank

  5. Commander Shephard

    Can I still get it?

  6. Thomas Fey

    Thank you WOT Blitz for my gift of the M-60. I deserve it !!! ⚡⚡⚡

  7. RJ14

    do you do replay vids bushka? if so i have one on the pz 5/4

  8. M46 Patton Tank

    The thing I hate about wotb is the fact that you lose credits when you win or lose in battle

  9. Jimmy Nguyen

    First thing after re-downloading wotb, I got a new tier 10 for free lol 😛

  10. Slime Lime

    Its just another pay to win example. You spent tons of money! Here have a broken tier X with no effort!

  11. PureBrit Productions


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