M6A2E1 Exp Mutant Preview | World of Tanks Blitz

Preview of the M6A2E1 Exp (Mutant). Newest tier 8 American premium heavy tank coming to blitz.

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  1. wallerdog



    Do u play on the eu server?

  3. Daniel Howell

    Is the M6A2E1 EXP always top tier? because ive played 29 games in mine ( yes i bought it; Roast me) and ive always been tip tier same with the tier 7 version (again)

  4. Made4Tank Fight

    Pls anon you have to tell me the names of the music u use for ur videos!
    I am subscribed and i like every video!! :))

  5. Jylpah Da

    Who else thinks the tier VII version is better tier-for-tier?

  6. Can Küçük

    Whats The different about normal m6a2e1 ?
    EXP model is Tier 8 but normal m6a2e1 Tier 7 so is There any different ?

  7. JT Morrison

    When are you going to do the review of the matilda iv? I though you were going to do one? And thanks for the video about the m6 mutations

  8. RandomLetters

    I have 6k gold and i'm going to binge buy containers

  9. Jacob Blavat

    where is it damage

  10. Kv2bro2


  11. M2Bradly

    the tier 7 version has the same armor right? if so ill probably go for it, the armor will be amazing at tier 7. also im kind of lazy and dont want to grind for the tier 8 lol

  12. james calilap

    My nips are ready for grinding…….

  13. NEET Magnet

    stop saying your clan requires a 58 percent win rate. it doesnt

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