Message to Wargaming Regarding the 9.17 Update | World of Tanks

The new overmatch mechanic will be disatrous for tank balance, especially for the higher tier vehicles. We cannot allow this to be released!

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  1. Travis Stevens

    FFS, aim at the cupolas. This is actually a great change as it will force people to learn weak points instead of just grind a line with a bigger gun.

  2. Aventus

    ….. this is stupid just use HE on low armored tanks >_> i think that kind of system is great force ppl to use HE alot more but ppl like you cant think outside the box >_>

  3. LP Flore

    I like this update because it makes wot more realistic

  4. Nautilus1972

    I love brawling, taking a top tiered HT and bullying weaker foes. This is great.

  5. Jos Rimmen

    the fun of playing WOT is getting nerfed with each release. They are even selling black tanks now for a fortune….

  6. mustclime

    whats it going to do with arty?

  7. unknown 4u

    switching to armored warfare

  8. BL-10 et HE ! -Tumbler73-


  9. Dario Hunkeler

    Do you know that the swedish TD is useless without the new overmatch physics. The E100 managed to pen me ( in the strv 103b) with a HE shell? wtf

  10. Villisika

    You are too negative.

  11. dal36

    Nobody shows an actual match in the test server showing the mechanics being a poor choice to add to the game. It's only this kind of thing I see.
    Let's take very specific tanks and then not think about using other ammunition or aiming somewhere else and show extreme angling.

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