Minecraft: WORLD OF TANKS LUCKY BLOCKS | Custom Lucky Blocks W/ SSundee

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►~Who is MrCrainer~◄
Hello there! First of all I’d like to say that, I really appreciate all of the support that you show me, knowing that people enjoy what I do here on the internet means the world to me. So thank you, Crazie Family, for all of the positive feedback – Whether it be likes, comments or views, it means so much to me.
I am just a 21 year old guy from Denmark who loves making videos, and I aim to put out atleast one Minecraft video a day. I mostly do Modded Survival. I also like to do MiniGames such as – Hunger Games, Survival Games and such.
My biggest inspiration to making videos is knowing that I’ve made one of you guys out there, smile. That means the world to me.

►~What can I expect to see here?~◄
As mentioned before, this is a Minecraft channel. And I do upload on a daily basis. There is no swearing / cursing – Any bad / foul words at all in my videos – as I want everyone, regardless of their age, to be able to laugh and enjoy my work.

So Family, last but not least – A huge thank you to everyone of you, for making each and every single one of my days by showing your awesome love and support. #CrazieFamilyForever



  1. Kasen Holt

    he sounded so weird with that voice!

  2. Major Short


  3. James Ness

    I play Wot

  4. lolo m

    Dirt is life over 100,000,0000,000,000,000,000

  5. Olivia Wilkinson

    he did this on my birthday

  6. Katie Smith

    crainer u need to smelt the iron doors

  7. missredsox22

    Drt + liih

  8. SnarkySnakeDemon

    the funny thing is that ssundee had the japanese tank

  9. sue middleton

    go on crainer get Cromwell for british

  10. Наташа Килина
  11. Наташа Килина

    все русские сука?