MTLS-1G14 – ‚Going Clubbing‘ – World of Tanks Console ( Xbox / PS4 )

I have quite a few thousand games played, so does that mean i am not allowed to play low tiers? I payed my own hard earned money for this tank so is it wrong for me to use it? Your thoughts please!

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  1. Smiff n Smiff

    My favourite map too. I played the old Proto on this one so many times. Got loaded in here the other day when I got bored and start going up the lines I hadn't done yet while the tier 4's are on the cheap

  2. Lukas Kirtiklis

    KV-4 KTTS is very rare too

  3. TippyGunman

    going to be given for free on xbox one this December.

  4. Yooper Trooper

    Good little tank! Nice video

  5. Mr Ducksworth

    Can I platoon with you

  6. Peter Claxton

    I watched this then got my one out..seal basher for sure.

  7. Mike Keeley

    I still play tier 1 evry now and then, 2x XP is 2x XP no matter what tier and its just a good way to unwind after a hard day. Perhaps having a 10 day enforced break might change your luck with crap teams a bit

  8. Optimum Amoeba

    Who cares it's a game have fun, anyway match making will screw you over and put you in a tier V game then you will become the seal if you are not careful.

  9. Proraptor

    Play what you want who cares what others think

  10. A Dalboh

    Keep them coming

  11. Nazir Ahmed

    didn't like the tank.boring,sorry

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