My Top 10 WoT Streamers

~honorabu mention~

rita for T67 and Tortoise memes
MrScheff brad pitt of WoT
anfield troll prince
floppy biscuit
mozol6ka i am secretly in love with her
Foch add salt for life
Blue stealth love/hate WoT
Sela troll king
Junkers if he ever shows up
Mrcro stress management
Sofilien i wish i could get her number
Poshybrid RIP bro I thought you had some humor in you
Mountain man nicest WoT streamer NA

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  1. noober zz

    from ur accent, are u from Asia?

  2. Beaststaff 84


  3. Jeffrey Cooper

    You missed arguably the best NA WoT strategy teacher out there – Zeven

  4. Vimorain

    what about Sir Circon ?

  5. Aidan Hill

    For Asia server? lols

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