Nerd³ Tests… Hardware: Rivals

A game about Tanks and the Tucks that love them.

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End theme by Dan Bull:

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  1. Lasergurka

    I keep forgetting Dan is one of those strange people that inverts their controls for mouse and not just for when flying a plane with a joystick.

  2. Nick Pallatt

    holy shit that is one FAST tank!

  3. Joey Corley

    "I can give it a little jigger if i wiggle!"

  4. Jai

    Why does everyone like inversion I dont

  5. Ali Alsadah

    can I play offline mode?

  6. T-Fyre

    Dritch is becoming a thing.

  7. tom diammond tank

    my birthday!!

  8. DixonSpaceOfficial

    wHy iS dAn iN gReAt pAiN?

  9. Greg215

    yax metallica reference^^

  10. Scaltra Volpe

    wubba lubba dub dub I had no clue how watched Rick and morty

  11. XBRT

    "I don't want to suck Immediately, I want to suck later" – Nerd Cubed 2016

  12. Peggy Swanson

    Ask them to put lie do

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