O-I Japanese Tier 6 Heavy Tank Preview – World of Tanks patch 9.10

O-I Japanese Tier 6 Heavy Tank Preview - World of Tanks patch 9.10

Taking a quick peak on the Test Server at the upcoming Japanese tier 6 heavy tank, the O-I.

Type 4 Heavy video:


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  1. hi there

    In warthunder you could use all for turrets

  2. RJgamer

    congrats for 25k jedi love ur videos

  3. Dandy Feishal

    O-l not have 1 gun but…….4 guns

  4. Mukade Wolf

    I rammed a full hp t34 in phorovonka near at the river and it feel good

  5. cody davis

    That poor tiger… Even he is dwarfed by Godzilla #1

  6. james johnson

    Tier 4 troll tank Hetzer with the 105 cm

  7. Brandin Ricardo

    The pens only 25 less than the standard Russian 122 idk why you think it's bad

  8. Leon Anthony

    Lol you make this tank sound like an average T6 heavy

  9. teletubbykiller54

    still waiting for the release of the japanese tier 3…..500mm thick armor, 18.1 inch main gun,top speed of 110kph+reytheon teleportation machine…..i hear there gonna call it the O-P.

  10. suteners2111

    everyone hates these tanks, unfair game.

  11. MarinacSlayer

    O-I is Britains nightmare..

  12. max baars

    O-I it is

  13. Oliver Kromann

    Why you not have a 50/50
    AP/ HE loadout due to the 120ish pen which is enough vs tier 6 and below…the HE for tier 7-8… personally i easily get 2K games in OI only firing ap and then for the tough nuts some HE

  14. Maveric Morph

    I've noticed a lot of players camp with these tanks. Really annoying.

  15. julien


  16. Giorgi Gabunia

    why are enemies purple?

  17. world of tanks - wins and fails

    It's o-i not o-1

  18. Joshua Lundy

    what's the song you play in your intro?

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