Object 263 6k Damage (World of Tanks Xbox One Beta)

fun times on the beta!

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  1. ZeR0 GravityY

    I thought it was an artillery

  2. nrlatty22

    the apcr was so unnecessary, u could go right through his turret face with standard ap with that pen

  3. MrShadowofthewind

    I got 6K damage in my tiger, it's my record in the tiger, everything went flawlessly.

  4. Rjfromthebay2001

    Hmm not bad not bad I might go to this TD after I finish up the amx50 b class

  5. Nawaz Saheb

    This TD sucks, but awesome replay!

  6. deadricTIGGER Gaming

    A Jagdtiger didn't penetrate him?!

  7. André Park

    He only got a mastery badge 3 so most other people do better

  8. David Eagle

    Great game! I don't mind losing a game when I have a great performance like you did.

  9. NowhereBird

    The camo looks good at that scale, but it seems like you can really see the tiling on it too.  I think it would look sweet with a larger tile but the same scale on the camo.

  10. NowhereBird

    Didn't you see that hint after being destroyed, Cosmic?  "stealth is your strongest weapon."  You should have tried to hide at the end there 😀 those hints are so helpful lol.  But seriously, good game

  11. Eridge45O

    The object 263 is very good tank but you need to watch out the mantlet because its quite thin

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