Object 704: 9K Damage! – World of Tanks

Object 704: 9K Damage! - World of Tanks

2 games showing the raw destructive power and damage of the Object 704, Soviet tier 9 tank destroyer from WoT.

Object 268 12K Damage:


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  1. Andrew Richardson

    after the ISU the 704 is a dream

  2. Jeff Nguyen

    my favorite tank of all time =)

  3. colin jerwood

    is2 my kind of tank jerbil59 NA server

  4. Tyler Bass

    wow that comet could have won the game, and yet he decided to ram xD

  5. Barn Star

    I have the ISU-152 atm, I would say even when fully aimed and not moving, a quarter of my shots hit the ground!

  6. Barn Star

    Great replays and a great commentary! Just found your channel and subbed right away, keep up the good work!

  7. Bryan Nieves

    ahh the BL-10 cx the mighty blyat cannon

  8. RAY RAY

    Jtiger is WAY better then 704

  9. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    I think jedi filters replays by arsonist medals. Never games without a fire. Pyromaniac?

  10. Tsar hoho

    9k dmg for 9 kills
    6k dmg for 6 kills
    first shot is always on a CDC (the sacrifice)

    illuminati confirmed…

  11. Killgore _Trout

    Thanks AJ, really enjoy your vids! Particularly when you do the lower tier tanks.
    Between you and QB, I've gotten better, still a relative noob only at 5100 games. lol

  12. Ifti the Gamer

    Too much Russian bias! Call 1 800 BALANCE to save the game from it's own developers!

  13. Daan Bronkhorst

    You really do have a softspot for big guns do you? started watching your vids about a week ago I think and I love them! And about the cold, I know your pain… it's been raining pretty much non-stop for 3 days with 0*C in the Netherlands… keep up the good work mate!

  14. 123456 123456

    I go from one of QBs videos to yours and I just find yours so much more enjoyable! You probably won't want to respond to me and admit your better than QB 😀

  15. Dave Thompson

    Poop chute, not heard that for an age! lol

  16. Darren Clarke

    your a poet and you didn't quite know it!!!!!

  17. My Hentai Girl

    Second replay
    Russian fucking Bias
    Bias Cyka Blyet

  18. My Hentai Girl

    The only reason some people dont like obj704 and fhe t10 is the BL-10 gun they have at T8
    at T8,one shot can shave off alot of the T8 enemy hp or even one shot t6 and deleted T7 enemy hp

  19. Finndamage

    It's exactly like you said. The games in the Obj 704 are either glorious or terrible. Either you land every single shot or not even one.

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