October 2015 Code Winner! – WORLD OF TANKS: XBOX ONE EDITION

Uploaded in 720p, best viewed in full screen.
Compiled using video captured in World of Tanks: Xbox One Edition, by Wargaming West.

As promised one of you lucky viewers wins a free Tetrarch today! I also take the time to go over some of the feedback and suggestions you guys have made to help me improve my channel.
More updates in the future! Thanks!


  1. Mike B

    No minecraft games … Great! No please lol

  2. mightyxxwhitey


  3. coolcame108

    Hey man keep up the great content

  4. Victor Daniels

    Dude World of Tanks is in your youtube name so keep it as world of tanks

  5. jakeisgreat112


  6. Sir Jake

    Another great video mate well done nice content

  7. rivman24 /

    cool vid bro

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